Quality not Quantity

Quality not Quantity

Quality not Quantity

Posted on August 5th, 2022

At Beards & Beautys, I provide the opportunity for you to explain exactly what you want. The service is custom to you and what you want.....within reason. Taking the time to listen to your concerns is one of the most important parts of my job. I take great care in providing the best service with the desired results.

Ask yourself...........How do I, as a client provide my stylist with all the information they would need to give you what you want. The short answer is photos, and at least two but more is better. These photos provide a start to the conversation about what you want.

In the case that you want to transition to a different style, patience is the key. Especially when going from a short style to a longer look. Multiple photos will enable your stylist to see your vision and guide you on the right path.

Another consideration when making a drastic change, such as going from a longer length to a shorter length is how you see your self. Are you comfortable seeing your ears? Do you like the size of your forehead? How do you style your hair?

These are important factors to consider when you see your stylist for a new look. Take the time to speak clearly and emphasize the things you want as well as what you don't want. Speak up and don't be afraid to say what is on your mind. You will be the person who has to live with the results.

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