For the Beautys

For the Beautys

For the Beautys

Posted on August 5th, 2022

To all the ladies across the internet who question the lull between Thanksgiving and Christmas and what to do with that time. You could finish the to-do list of chores at home, or the shopping list of Christmas gifts. But a better option is to get right with yourself. I do mean YOU. It is a time for you to spend a little effort on how you and your family look. 

When women go to a hair appointment, there is a minimum of an hour long haircut only service and more if you intend on doing a chemical service. This is when you can take one day to get yourself set up for a successful holiday hairstyle. 

Be sure to really take the time to decide on a drastic change or just a root touch. Maybe even something in between is in order. Pictures really do represent a thousand words. The photos will allow you and your stylist to discuss the best options for you. They will discuss the maintenance, the livability, and the longevity of the style/color you decide. I would greatly recommend using the products suggested by your stylist as they want to keep your hair looking and feeling the best just as much as you do. Remember, they have skin in the game just like you do.  

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